Los Angeles Business Journal: Security Company to Set Up USC as Safety School

March 9, 2015

A Santa Monica tech company focused on security and birthed at USC has now locked up the school as a customer.

Armorway Inc., a security analytics firm co-founded by Zaré Baghdasarian, Manish Jain and James Pita in 2013, has developed a software program that uses game theory to analyze real-time data in an effort to enhance security efforts.

“When you play any game, each of you wants to win,” said Jain, Armorway’s chief technology officer. “But the outcome depends on what both of you do. We model security on these games.”

World Journal: Professors attending Go tournament for human-subject research. [translated]

March 1, 2015

Southern California Go Open, held on the 28th in the World Journal, attracting all age, ethnic size contestants, Irvine professor of economics increase Mike Mcbride, The Graduate Garret Ridinger, Department of Computer Science and USC graduate Leandro Marcolino special to the scene to "match", hoping to gather more information through the game, players learn how to solve problems when they play chess.