SoCaltech: ArmorWay: Applying Computer Game Theory To Real Life Problems

February 27, 2015

Despite the widespread impact of software today on our lives,

there are a number of areas of computer science research which have had a difficult time in being translated into practical, every day usage. One of those

areas is game theory--the use of computer simulations to predict the behavior of multiple people or entities, and how they will behave together, most famously depicted in that 1980's movie, War Games. Los Angeles startup--ArmorWay (www.armorwaycom)--is trying to take what has mostly been an esoteric computer science research area, and is now looking to make it applicable in real life. Zare' Baghdasarian is the CEO of ArmorWay, and told us a bit about the company and its software and how it is applying it to real life, physical security.

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