Viterbi/CREATE Collaboration on Airport Security Makes International News

October 25, 2007

Viterbi grad student's computer science PhD thesis becomes basis for CREATE-developed randomization software

Stories distributed all over the world discussed the work of team lead by Milind Tambe creating randomization software make vehicle checkpoints at airports unpredictable for observers. Tambe and his team collaborated with USC's  Department of Homeland Security-funded Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events on the project.

Examples included:

Newsweek: The Element of Surprise
To help combat the terrorism threat, officials at Los Angeles International Airport are introducing a bold new idea into their arsenal: random placement of security checkpoints. Can game theory help keep us safe?

Los Angeles Times: USC student's computer program enlisted in security efforts at LAX
Program developed by a USC student is intended to thwart terrorists by making the frequency of searches unpredictable.

The International Herald Tribune (Associated Press): Los Angeles International Airport uses randomization software to prevent terrorist attack


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<<  Yuvá (Mumbai, India): Anti Terror Squad
Sriharikota-born researcher and his Mumbai-born professor help improve airport security in the US.

Homeland Security Today: From Routine to Random
Developed by Viterbi School of Engineering computer scientists at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (USC), Calif., ARMOR aims to enhance security measures by making them totally unpredictable.

Government Computer News: LAX goes reliably random
Game theory algorithm improves security by putting police on unpredictable schedules

Homeland Security Daily WireLAX uses random numbers theory to place security check points
Using random numbers generator developed by a USC engineering student, LAX security authorities place check points and security details at random, unpredictable locations throughout the sprawling airport

New Scientist: Game software could boost airport security
PLAYING games with airport security guards sounds like a bad idea, but Praveen Paruchuri of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is trying to thwart criminals by doing just that.

Times of India: Indian researcher in US makes software to boost airport security
An Indian origin researcher in the US has designed a new software, based on a game theory that could prove to be a valuable tool for law enforcement officials manning security check points at international airports. Компьютер научит полицию действовать непредсказуемо
Computer studies how to make police unpredictable.

The story also appeared on numerous radio reports.

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