Publications by Year: 1995

Title Author Published At Download
Intelligent Agents for Interactive Simulation Environments Milind Tambe, W L. Johnson, R M. Jones, F Koss, J E. Laird, P S. Rosenbloom, K Schwamb, AI Magazine, Volume 16, number 1, pages 15–39 Download
Building intelligent pilots for simulated rotary wing aircraft Milind Tambe, K Schwamb, P S. Rosenbloom, Conference on computer generated forces and behavioral representation Download
RESC: An approach for dynamic, real-time agent tracking Milind Tambe, P S. Rosenbloom, International joint conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Volume 12, number 3, pages 499–522 Download
Recursive agent and agent-group tracking in a real-time dynamic environment Milind Tambe, International conference on multi-agent systems (ICMAS) Download
Constraints and design choice's in building intelligent pilots for simulated aircraft: Extended Abstract Milind Tambe, K Schwamb, P S. Rosenbloom, AAAI Spring Symposium on 'Lessons Learned from Implemented Software Architectures for Physical Agents' Download
USING MACHINE LEARNING TO EXTEND AUTONOMOUS AGENT CAPABILITIES W. Lewis Johnson, Milind Tambe Summer Computer Simulation Conference Download