Publications by Year: 1998

Title Author Published At Download
Implementing agent teams in dynamic multi-agent environments Milind Tambe, Applied Artificial Intelligence 1998; volume 12, pages 189–210 Download
Social comparison for failure detection and recovery Gal Kaminka, Milind Tambe, Intelligent Agents IV: Agents, Theories, Architectures and Languages (ATAL), Springer Verlag Download
Collective Robotics Workshop: Lecture notes in Artificial Intelligence 1456 A Drogoul, Milind Tambe, T Fukuda, Springer Verlag Publishers, Berlin Download
What is wrong with us? Improving robustness through social diagnosis Gal Kaminka, Milind Tambe, T Fukuda, National conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Download
The role of agent modeling in agent robustness Gal Kaminka, Milind Tambe, C Hopper, Conference on AI meets the real-world Download
Flexible Negotiations in Teamwork: Extended Abstract Z Qiu, Milind Tambe, AAAI Fall Symposium on Distributed Continual Planning Download
Towards flexible teamwork in peristent teams Milind Tambe, W Zhang, International conference on multi-agent systems (ICMAS) Download
ISIS: Using an explicit model of teamwork in RoboCup 97 Milind Tambe, J Adibi, Y Alonaizan, A Erdem, Gal Kaminka, S Marsella, I Muslea, M Tallis, First robot world cup competition and conferences, Springer Verlag Download
Adaptive agent tracking in real-world multi-agent domains: a preliminary report Milind Tambe, W L. Johnson, W Shen, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, volume 48, pages 105–124 Download
Using an Explicit Teamwork Model and Learning in RoboCup: An Extended Abstract RoboCup 98 S Marsella, J Adibi, Y Alonaizan, A Erdem, R Hill, Gal Kaminka, Milind Tambe, Q Zhun, Second robot world cup competition and conferences, Springer Verlag Download
Soar-RWA: Planning, teamwork, and intelligent behavior for synthetic rotary wing aircraft R. Hill, J. Chen, J. Gratch, P. Rosenbloom, and M. Tambe Seventh Conference on Computer Generated Forces and Behavioral Representation Download
Agent component synergy: Social comparison for failure detection G. Kaminka and M. Tambe Second International Conference on Autonomous Agents (Agents) Download