Publications by Year: 1999

Title Author Published At Download
Two fielded teams and two experts: A robocup response challenge from the trenches Milind Tambe, Gal Kaminka, S Marsella, I Muslea, T Raines, International joint conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 99 Download
I'm OK, You're OK, We're OK: Experiments in Centralized and Distributed Socially Attentive Monitoring Gal Kaminka, Milind Tambe, International conference on Automonomous Agents, Agents 99 Download
On being a teammate: Experiences acquired in the design of robocup teams S Marsella, J Adibi, Y Alonaizan, Gal Kaminka, I Muslea, Milind Tambe, International conference on Autonomous agents, Agents'99 Download
Rapid integration and coordination of heterogeneous distributed agents for collaborative enterprises D V. Pynadath, Milind Tambe, N Chauvat, DARPA JFACC symposium on advances in Enterprise Control Download
Toward team-oriented programming D V. Pynadath, Milind Tambe, N Chauvat, L Cavedon, Agents, theories, architectures and languages (ATAL'99) workshop, to be published in Springer Verlag 'Intelligent Agents VI' Download
Towards automated team analysis: a machine learning approach T Raines, Milind Tambe, S Marsella, Third international RoboCup competitions and workshop 1999 Download
The Belief-Desire-Intention model of agency M Georgeff, B Pell, M Pollack, Milind Tambe, M Wooldrige, Agents, Theories, Architectures and Languages (ATAL) Download
The benefits of arguing in a team Milind Tambe, H Jungh, AI Magazine Vol 20, Num 4, Winter 1999 Download
Teamwork in cyberspace: Using TEAMCORE to make agents team-ready Milind Tambe, W Shen, M Mataric, D Goldberg, Pragnesh J. Modi, Z Qiu, B Salemi, AAAI Spring Symposium on Agents in Cyberspace Download
Building agent teams using an explicit teamwork model and learning Milind Tambe, J Adibi, Y Alonaizan, A Erdem, Gal Kaminka, S Marsella, I Muslea, Artificial Intelligence, volume 110, pages 215-240, 1999 Download
Towards flexible negotiation in teamwork Z. Qiu, M. Tambe, and H. Jung Third International Conference on Autonomous Agents (Agents) Download