Computational Models of Moral Perception, Conflict & Elevation


Dehghani M., Immordino-Yang M. H., Graham J., Marsella S., Forbus K., Ginges J., Tambe M., and Maheswaran R. 2013. “Computational Models of Moral Perception, Conflict & Elevation .” In International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) 2013.


Computational models of moral cognition will be critical to the creation of agents and robots that operate autonomously in morally sensitive and complex domains. We propose a framework for developing computational models of moral cognition based on behavioral and neurobiological experimental results and field observations. Specifically, we discuss the following critical issues in building such models: 1. Managing conflicts between different moral concerns; 2. The role of moral perceptions in moral judgments; 3. Mechanisms and consequences of moral emotions; 4. Learning and adjusting moral behavior. Moreover, we discuss computational architectures for building and exploring models of moral cognition at different levels of analysis: individual, small groups and large groups.
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