Event tracking in a dynamic multi-agent environment


Milind Tambe and P. S. Rosenbloom. 1996. “Event tracking in a dynamic multi-agent environment.” Computational Intelligence 12.


This paper focuses on event tracking in one complex and dynamic multi-agent environment: the air-combat simulation environment. It analyzes the challenges that an automated pilot agent must face when tracking events in this environment. This analysis reveals three new issues that have not been addressed in previous work in this area: (i) tracking events generated by agents' flexible and reactive behaviors, (ii) tracking events in the context of continuous agent interactions, and (iii) tracking events in real-time. The paper proposes one solution to address these issues. One key idea in this solution is that the (architectural) mechanisms that an agent employs in generating its own flexible and reactive behaviors can be used to track other agents' flexible and reactive behaviors in real-time. A second key idea is the use of a world-centered representation for modeling agent interactions. The solution is demonstrated using an implementation of an automated pilot agent.
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