Event Tracking for an Intelligent Automated Agent


Milind Tambe and Paul S. Rosenbloom. 1994. “ Event Tracking for an Intelligent Automated Agent.” In Time94: An international workshop on temporal representation and reasoning. .


In a dynamic, multi-agent environment, an automated intelligent agent is often faced with the possibility that other agents may instigate events that actually hinder or help the achievement of its own goals. To act intelligently in such an environment, an automated agent needs an event tracking capability to continually monitor the occurrence of such events and the temporal relationships among them.  This capability enables an agent to infer the occurrence of important unobserved events as well as obtain a better understanding of interaction among events. This paper focuses on event tracking in one complex and dynamic multi-agent environment: the air-combat simulation environment. It analyzes the challenges that an automated pilot agent must face when tracking events in this environment. This analysis reveals some novel constraints on event tracking that arise from complex multi-agent interactions. The paper proposes one solution to address these constraints, and demonstrates it using a simple re-implementation of an existing automated pilot agent.
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