Overview of RoboCup'98


M. Asada, M. Veloso, Milind Tambe, H. Kitano, I. Noda, and G. K. Kraetzschmar. 2000. “Overview of RoboCup'98 .” AI Magazine, Spring 2000.


The Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences (RoboCup) are a series of competitions and events designed to promote the full integration of AI and robotics research. Following the first RoboCup, held in Nagoya, Japan, in 1997, RoboCup-98 was held in Paris from 2–9 July, overlapping with the real World Cup soccer competition. RoboCup-98 included competitions in three leagues: (1) the simulation league, (2) the real robot small-size league, and (3) the real robot middle- size league. Champion teams were CMUNITED-98 in both the simulation and the real robot smallsize leagues and CS-FREIBURG (Freiburg, Germany) in the real robot middle-size league. RoboCup-98 also included a Scientific Challenge Award, which was given to three research groups for their simultaneous development of fully automatic commentator systems for the RoboCup simulator league. Over 15,000 spectators watched the games, and 120 international media provided worldwide coverage of the competition.
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