Protecting Moving Targets with Multiple Mobile Resources


Fei Fang, Albert Xin Jiang, and Milind Tambe. 2013. “Protecting Moving Targets with Multiple Mobile Resources .” Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 48, Pp. 583-634.


In recent years, Stackelberg Security Games have been successfully applied to solve resource allocation and scheduling problems in several security domains. However, previous work has mostly assumed that the targets are stationary relative to the defender and the attacker, leading to discrete game models with finite numbers of pure strategies. This paper in contrast focuses on protecting mobile targets that leads to a continuous set of strategies for the players. The problem is motivated by several real-world domains including protecting ferries with escort boats and protecting refugee supply lines. Our contributions include: (i) A new game model for multiple mobile defender resources and moving targets with a discretized strategy space for the defender and a continuous strategy space for the attacker. (ii) An efficient linear-programming-based solution that uses a compact representation for the defender’s mixed strategy, while accurately modeling the attacker’s continuous strategy using a novel sub-interval analysis method. (iii) Discussion and analysis of multiple heuristic methods for equilibrium refinement to improve robustness of defender’s mixed strategy. (iv) Discussion of approaches to sample actual defender schedules from the defender’s mixed strategy. (iv) Detailed experimental analysis of our algorithms in the ferry protection domain.
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