Recursive agent and agent-group tracking in a real-time dynamic environment


Milind Tambe. 1995. “ Recursive agent and agent-group tracking in a real-time dynamic environment.” In International conference on multi-agent systems (ICMAS).


Agent tracking is an important capability an intelligent agent requires for interacting with other agents. It involves monitoring the observable actions of other agents as well as inferring their unobserved actions or high-level goals and behaviors. This paper focuses on a key challenge for agent tracking: recursive tracking of individuals or groups of agents. The paper first introduces aa approach for tracking recursive agent models. To tame the resultant growth in the tracking effort and aid real-time performance, the paper then presents model sharing, an optimization that involves sharing the effort of tracking multiple models. Such shared models are dynamically unshared as needed -- in effect, a model is selectively tracked if it is dissimilar enough to require unsharing. The paper also discusses the application of recursive modeling in service of deception, and the impact of sensor imperfections. This investigation is based on our on-going effort to build intelligent pilot agents for a real-world synthetic air-combat environment.
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