The RoboCup Synthetic Agent Challenge 97


H. Kitano, Milind Tambe, P. Stone, M. Veloso, S. Coradeschi, E. Osawa, H. Matsubara, I. Noda, and M. Asada. 1997. “The RoboCup Synthetic Agent Challenge 97.” International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI97).


RoboCup Challenge oers a set of challenges for intelligent agent researchers using a friendly competition in a dynamic, real-time, multi-agent domain: synthetic Soccer. While RoboCup in general envisions longer range challenges over the next few decades, RoboCup Challenge presents three specic challenges for the next two years: (i) learning of individual agents and teams; (ii) multi-agent team planning and plan-execution in service of teamwork; and (iii) opponent modeling. RoboCup Challenge provides a novel opportunity for researchers in planning and multi-agent arenas | it not only supplies them a concrete domain to evalute their techniques, but also challenges them to evolve these techniques to face key constraints fundamental to this domain: real-time and teamwork.
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