Towards a formalization of teamwork with resource constraints


Praveen Paruchuri, Milind Tambe, Fernando Ordonez, and Sarit Kraus. 2004. “Towards a formalization of teamwork with resource constraints .” In International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS-04).


Despite the recent advances in distributed MDP frameworks for reasoning about multiagent teams, these frameworks mostly do not reason about resource constraints, a crucial issue in teams. To address this shortcoming, we provide four key contributions. First, we introduce EMTDP, a distributed MDP framework where agents must not only maximize expected team reward, but must simultaneously bound expected resource consumption. While there exist single-agent constrained MDP (CMDP) frameworks that reason about resource constraints, EMTDP is not just a CMDP with multiple agents. Instead, EMTDP must resolve the miscoordination that arises due to policy randomization. Thus, our second contribution is an algorithm for EMTDP transformation, so that resulting policies, even if randomized, avoid such miscoordination. Third, we prove equivalence of different techniques of EMTDP transformation. Finally, we present solution algorithms for these EMTDPs and show through experiments their efficiency in solving application-sized problems.
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