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The Teamcore group's roots are in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our research in the past decade and longer has focused on "AI for social good", covering topics such as but not limited to: (i) AI for protection of forests, fish and wildlife; (ii) AI for public safety and security; (iii) AI for assisting low-resource sections of society. We focus on fundamental research problems in computational game theory, machine learning, automated planning, intelligent agents and multiagent interactions that are driven by these topics, ensuring a virtuous cycle of research and real-world applications. Examples of research driven by real-world problems include challenges of learning and handling bounded rationality models of human (adversary) behavior from real-world data, solving massive scale games uncertainty, algorithms that enable influence maximization in social networks under dynamism and uncertainty.

Our research is in real world use in the form of decision aids to assist Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in protecting wildlife, fisheries, and forests, as well as in assisting in public safety and security at airports or ports, or on trains and in university campuses. This includes the PROTECT system deployed by the US Coast Guard in a number of ports nationwide for planning effective randomized patrols, IRIS by the Federal Air Marshals service, the PAWS system for wildlife protection used by different NGOs; with active efforts to build decision aids for assisting health information dissemination in homeless shelters.

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Professor Tambe


Milind Tambe
Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science & Director of the Center for Research in Computation and Society (CRCS), Harvard University

Director, "AI for Social Good", Google Research India