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PhD thesis of the 25th PhD student

Thesis on Defense

Teamcore: 20 years and beyond!!


Former PhD students and Postdocs

Shahin Jabbari

Dr. Shahin Jabbari

[Post-doc] Assistant Professor, Drexel University, 2021

bryan wilder

Dr. Bryan Wilder

[PhD] Schmidt Science Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health and Carnegie Mellon University, 2021; Assistant Professor, Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University, 2022

PhD Thesis: Bryan Wilder: “AI for Population Health: Melding Data and Algorithms on Networks”

Dr. Arunesh Sinha

[Post-doc] (Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University), 2016

Prof. Albert Xin Jiang

[Post-doc] (Assistant Professor,Trinity University, Texas), 2014

Dr. Janusz Marecki

[PhD] (Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind), 2008

PhD Thesis: "Planning with Continuous Resources in Agent Systems"

Prof. Matthew Taylor

[Post-doc] (Associate Professor, University of Alberta), 2010

Prof. Chris Kiekintveld

[Post-doc] (Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso), 2010

Dr. Praveen Paruchuri

[PhD] (Associate Professor, IIIT, Hyderabad, India), 2007

PhD Thesis: "Keep the Adversary Guessing: Agent Security by Policy Randomization"

Dr. Jonathan P. Pearce

[PhD] (Partner, Liberty Capital Research LLC), 2007

PhD Thesis: "Local Optimization in Cooperative Agent Networks"


Pictures of Hooding Ceremony

Hooding 2007 

Teamcore hooding 2007

Hooding 2013

Teamcore hooding 2013



Teamcore hooding

Hooding 2014

Teamcore 2014 hooding

Hooding 2013 

Teamcore 2013 hooding

Hooding 2015 

Former MS Students

Vivek Tiwari, 2017

Prerna Totla, 2015

Lakshmy Mohanan, 2013

Mayuresh Janorkar, 2013

Donnabell Dmello, 2017

Nirupama Vaidyanathan, 2016

Mahek Jasani, 2014

Rishika Agarwal, 2013

Parth Shah, 2012

Venil Loyd Noronha, 2017

Amit Plaha, 2016

Soudhamin Radhakrishnan, 2014

You Zhou, 2013

Rajni Suman, 2017

Sumukh Lagadamane Shivashankara, 2016

Jie Zheng, 2014

Ripple Goyal, 2013

Other Masters Students

Mohit Goenka [MS], 2011

Mufaddal Jhaveri [MS], 2011

Bharat Patel [MS] Microsoft

Harish Kumar Bellamane [MS], 2010, Intuit

Jagrut Sharma [MS], 2010, Ernst and Young

Atul Kumar[MS], 2009 Yahoo

Shyamsunder Rathi [MS], 2009 Brocade.

Tapana Gupta [MS], 2007, Raytheon.



Ankit Modi [MS], 2007, (Software Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.).

Yoonheui Kim [MS with thesis], 2006, (PhD student, University of Massachusetts, Amherst). Masters Thesis: Exploiting Locality of Interaction in Network Distributed POMDPs: An Empirical Evaluation

Rahul Iyer [MS], 2005, "Speeding up DCOP algorithm ADOPT via Preprocessing"

Don Dini[MS with thesis], 2005 (Last Known: Research Staff, USC Institute for Creative Technologies). Masters Thesis: Advantages of unpredictable multiagent systems: randomized policies for single agent and agent-teams



Steven Okamoto [MS with thesis], 2004, (PhD student, Carnegie Mellon). Masters Thesis: Allocating Roles in Large Scale Teams: An Empirical Evaluation

Raza Ali [MS], 2004, (PhD Student, Imperial college, London)

Shriniwas Kulkarni [MS], 2001 ((Last known: Research staff, Inst Human-Machine Cognition)

Taylor Raines [MS], 2000, Research project "ISAAC Soccer analyst for RoboCup"

Zhun Qiu [MS], 1998, Research project "Multiagent Negotiation by Argumentation"



BS Student Alumni

Providence Ilisevich

Brian Schwedock

Dana Thomas

Mitali Karmarker

Nikhil Cherukuri

Eshita Mathur

Rachit Kataria


Shira Esptein, 1/1/09-5/1/11
"ESCAPES - Multiagent Evaucation Simulation"

Andrew Ogden, 2/1/09-12/15/10
"ESCAPES - Multiagent Evaucation Simulation"

Prateek Tandon, 9/1/08-5/15/10
"Applying DCEE (distributed coordinated exploration and exploitation) framework on CREATE robots"

Michael Scott, 7/1/09-5/1/10
"GUARDS: Game theory for security"

Craig Western, 9/1/07-5/15/10
"ARMOR, IRIS, GUARDS: Game theory for security"

Christopher Portway, 5/15/07-5/15/08
"ARMOR randomization for airport security" (PhD student, University of Michigan)

Matt Mehne, 1/1/04-5/1/04
"Machinetta proxies multiagent teamwork"

Noah Olsman

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