Recent videos on Youth Prevention

Recent lectures on game theory for security


PAWS: Protection Assistant For Wildlife Security


PROTECT: Application of game theory for US Coast Guard Patrols

ARMOR-TRUSTS: Application of game theory for patrolling trains



FOX coverage of ARMOR at the Los Angeles International Airport

Channel 4 coverage of Bayesian Stackelberg games for security at the Los Angeles International Airport

Chris Kiekintveld and Professor Tambe
Tutorial at the International Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Armor Fox Coverage
Armor Fox Coverage


ARMOR security at the Los Angeles International Airport discussed at hearings at the congressional committee on Homeland Security

Milind Tambe provides an overview of security research projects

Screen capture of CREATE website
Game Theory Tutorial

Tutorials and Lectures on Game Theory for Security

Professor Tambe
Milind Tambe Keynote: Game theory for Security

Chris Kiekintveld
Chris Kiekintveld 
An Overview of Recent Progress on Uncertainty in Security Games

Manish Jain
Manish Jain 
The Deployment-to-Saturation Ration in Security Games

Screen capture of CREATE website
A Deployed Quantal Response Based Patrol Planning System for the US Coast Guard

Rong Yang Presenting at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), July 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Part I

Videos for demos on energy savings
Multiagent Systems Research for Sustainability, Simulation Demo

Milind Tambe, USC CAIS Co-Director, speaks at Washington Post Live Transforms event

Part II

Massive - Evacuation Simulation
Crowd Simulation

KPFK interview with USC CAIS Co-Directors Milind Tambe and Eric Rice

Videos on earlier research into disaster response simulations

Hal Eisner

Disaster game news