ISIS: Using an explicit model of teamwork in RoboCup 97


Milind Tambe, J. Adibi, Y. Alonaizan, A. Erdem, Gal Kaminka, S. Marsella, I. Muslea, and M. Tallis. 1998. “ISIS: Using an explicit model of teamwork in RoboCup 97.” In First robot world cup competition and conferences. Springer Verlag.


bstract Team ISIS ISI Synthetic successfully participated in the rst international RoboCup soccer tournament RoboCup held in Nagoya Japan in August ISIS won the thirdplace prize in over teams that participated in the simulation league of RoboCup the most popular among the three RoboCup leagues In terms of re search accomplishments ISIS illustrated the usefulness of an explicit model of teamwork both in terms of reduced development time and im proved teamwork exibility ISIS also took some initial steps towards learning of individual player skills This paper discusses the design of ISIS in detail with particular emphasis on its novel approach to tea
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