The role of emotions in multiagent teamwork


Ranjit Nair, Milind Tambe, and S. Marsella. 2003. “The role of emotions in multiagent teamwork .” In Who needs emotions: The brain meets the machine, edited by J. Fellous and M. Arbib. MIT Press.


Emotions play a significant role in human teamwork. However, despite the significant progress in multiagent teamwork, as well as progress in computational models of emotions, there have been very few investigations of the role of emotions in multiagent teamwork. This chapter attempts a first step towards addressing this shortcoming. It provides a short survey of the state of the art in multiagent teamwork and in computational models of emotions. It considers three cases of teamwork, in particular, teams of simulated humans, agent-human teams and pure agent teams, and examine the effects of introducing emotions in each. Finally, it also provides preliminary experimental results illustrating the impact of emotions on multiagent teamwork.
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