Building dynamic agent organizations in cyberspace


Milind Tambe, D. V. Pynadath, and N. Chauvat. 2000. “Building dynamic agent organizations in cyberspace .” IEEE Internet Computing 4 (2).


With the promise of agent-based systems, a variety of research/industrial groups are developing autonomous, heterogeneous agents, that are distributed over a variety of platforms and environments in cyberspace. Rapid integration of such distributed, heterogeneous agents would enable software to be rapidly developed to address large-scale problems of interest. Unfortunately, rapid and robust integration remains a difficult challenge. To address this challenge, we are developing a novel teamwork-based agent integration framework. In this framework, software developers specify an agent organization called a team-oriented program. To recruit agents for this organization, an agent resources manager (an analogue of a “human resources manager”) searches the cyberspace for agents of interest to this organization, and monitors their performance over time. Agents in this organization are wrapped with TEAMCORE wrappers, that make them team ready, and thus ensure robust, flexible teamwork among the members of the newly formed organization. This implemented framework promises to reduce the software development effort in agent integration while providing robustness due to its teamwork-based foundations. A concrete, running example, based on heterogeneous, distributed agents is presented.
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